Your Most Beautiful Chalet Memories!

    Your Chalet Memories
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    People who dream of a ski holiday, without ever having been in the mountains, often have an idyllic image of a chalet among the trees in the middle of the slopes. Although it may not always be as perfect as in your dreams, staying in a snow-covered chalet will not disappoint you. We spoke to 5 people asking them to tell us why it is absolutely fantastic to #creatingmemories and spend your skiing holiday in a chalet.

    Meet Dora (25)

    Staying in a chalet on a skiing holiday just feels like you’re in a movie; simply the ideal picture for a winter sport, whether with family or with friends. My favourite moment of choice is early in the morning – perhaps unlike most people on a skiing holiday – when everyone is still asleep. In a somewhat quieter located chalet, it is still tranquil. It is great to stand on your terrace with a blanket and coffee and watch the rising sun and the snow-white slopes and dream away before the day starts!

    Beautiful Chalets

    Meet Esmee (29)

    I find it hard to choose one best memory, it is more about the atmosphere that you feel in a chalet during such a week. Much more than in an apartment or hotel, you quickly get a family feeling. “Coming home” with a group in the chalet; hang out, chill, exchange experiences, shower and then start eating together. A few people cook, others provide those people with a drink… The atmosphere in a chalet is just casual, and you never have to rush to be anywhere because it is your own home-away-from!

    Beautiful chalet memory

    Johan (59)

    It was a long time ago, but one of my best memories during a skiing holiday is set in a chalet. It’s not even that spectacular, but in the past, my brothers and I thought this was fantastic. We went skiing with our family, and since I have 6 brothers and sisters, it was always ambience. The best thing apart from the skiing was playing hide and seek in the chalet. Our chalet was always so different from home. New and creative possibilities of where to hide and never be found! Whoever was last to be found was always the hero of the day!

    Chalet Group


    Meet Daniqua (31)

    I am someone who enjoys luxury, and I always prefer to stay in a hotel with an all-inclusive formula where the food was ready for me in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Until I went on a skiing holiday with my parents and they rented a chalet with catering service. That was really my best vacation EVER! It was great to be left alone the whole week, wonderfully quiet among the trees, no unknown hotel guests, no gigantic buffet. With lots of private space, playing board games together, enough privacy and the best food, especially prepared for us. I have to say I was a little scared, but this really exceeded all my expectations!

    Chalet in snow ski in ski out chalet

    Meet Dimi (36)

    The most brilliant moment I have ever experienced took place in a chalet on a skiing holiday. I was 24 and in love with my friend for almost a year who I did not think returned my feelings. Until the moment when we had all had a bit too much to drink on a skiing holiday and finally ended back home at our large chalet but just two of us. At the time I thought it was because she was drunk, on holiday in a beautiful chalet. I was unsure if this one-time was a “mistake” or not. Later on in the holiday, it turned out that she had been after me for a long time. The rest is history because we have been happy together for 12 years!

    Dorfl chalet

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