A White Christmas

Cheers Christmas
Christmas with Family

The most wonderful time of the year is even more wonderful in the mountains.

Villages that look like they came straight out of a fairytale, falling snowflakes and beautiful lights. Enjoy special Christmas dinners after a fantastic day on the slopes with your friends and family.

In most ski resorts it is all about Christmas eve. With different choirs who sing the most beautiful Christmas carols and more activities throughout the city. Try local foods and spend time with locals and tourists alike. Spend a morning on the slopes and spend the afternoon down in the village. In some places, the market square is the place-to-be for the real Christmas feeling. With hot choco, glühwein, fresh chocolates and other delicious snacks from that particular country.

On these Christmas markets, you will be able to buy hand-crafted ornaments, jewellery and other specialities from the region. Use these markets to decorate your own chalet, room or apartment and spend prepare yourself for a cosy evening.

What do you need to know about Christmas in certain countries?



Frohe Weihnachten!

In a lot of Tiroler families, it is a tradition to bake cookies before and during Christmas. The most traditional one is ‘zelten’. It is Christmas bread with dried fruits, nuts and dough. Haven’t tried it yet? You can’t miss it this year!

Another thing that Austrians like is their lucky charms. In the days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you can find market stands outside of supermarkets with lucky charms like clovers, pigs and chimney sweepers. Buy one and you experience a lot of luck according to the locals.

Christmas in the snow


Joyeux Noël!

There are different ways to celebrate Christmas in France. But most of France will be at home with their family. The most important part of Christmas for the French is going to the church at Christmas eve. Before and after the church the French usually exchange presents and having dinner that often stretches deep into the night. In some villages in the Alps Christmas will already start on the 6th of December. If you are lucky, your destination will be led up at night for the whole week!



Buon Natale!

A Traditional Italian Christmas is with your family but the villages in the mountains will be decorated like you have never seen before. Try to go to a Christmas market with roasted hazelnuts, music and you may even see a play of the birth of Jesus.

Did you know that some Italians celebrate a holiday that was invented for Christmas but takes place on the 25th of December as well? It’s called Saturnalia and people celebrate that the days are getting longer.



Frohe Weihnachten / Joyeux Noël

Christmas markets, ice skating rings and a village that looks like a fairytale with the Christmas lights. Switzerland really is stunning during the holidays. During this week you cannot skip the fondue. With swiss cheese and your closest friends or family, this really is the choice of dinner for the Swiss. Snow, amazing food and beautiful surroundings. Christmas in Switzerland is magical.

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