5 tips for an unforgettable ski holiday with children

Ski holiday with Children

Are you thinking of going on a ski holiday with children? Good idea! Many children who learn to ski from a young age feel more comfortable on the slopes and grow in confidence quickly! To get your children loving the sport as much as you do, we have the top 5 tips for making your ski holiday with children a huge success.

1.Ski Material

When going on a ski holiday with children, it is important to invest in suitable clothing. The weather in the mountains can change very quickly, and therefore it is best if you prepared for all weather conditions. Make a checklist before you go of all the essentials you will need! When your children are just learning to ski, you might not want to buy skis boots and poles, but these can be rented in the resort! An added bonus if you book with Sunweb fly with us to France you will receive free ski rental!

ski holiday with children

2. Ski Lessons

If you have been skiing for years, I’m sure you will feel confident to teach your child the basics. But it is essential that they are taught the correct techniques to build confidence and reduce the risk of injury. When arranging ski lessons, you can opt for group lessons or a private instructor. Both teaching methods have their advantages and disadvantages. A group lesson is great fun for children, so they learn how to ski in a fun environment with other children. A private instructor will give your child their full attention, which will help them master the skiing technique faster. Whichever option to choose ski instructors are well trained and will have a lot of patience to teach your child how to ski.

ski holiday with children

3. The Whole Mountain Experience

From the age of 3, it is a good idea to teach children to ski. However, it is only about 5 years old that they will really master the techniques. But of course, it is still fun the under 5s to snowplough on the slopes. However, the best thing about going on a ski holiday with children is that in the afternoon you might want to simply just enjoy the mountains, playing the in snow, build a snowman, and that’s ok too. You want your child to enjoy the whole mountain experience as must as you do.

ski holiday with children

4. Child-friendly Accommodation

Choose a hotel with plenty of fun activities for children; a swimming pool, a playground, children’s entertainment, etc. After all, it can be a bad weather day where skiing is not an option. Additionally, it is important to give your child a day off, especially if you spend a week or more on the ski slopes. This way they can recover from skiing and be excited for the next day. Be sure to take a sledge with you; there are always small slopes perfect for sledging.

ski holiday with children

5. Child-friendly Ski Area

Not only the hotel but also the ski area must be tailored to the children. Good ski areas have a children’s area with a practice slope, where there is often an area mascot with colourful obstacles to brighten up the slope. Make sure there are enough options for the novice skiers. For example, are there enough green and blue ski runs? Also be sure that these slopes are not offshoots of red and black slopes, where the experienced skiers descend with great speed between the children. For children, drag lifts are not always easy and pleasant, so be sure to check which different types of lifts are present in the ski area.

ski holiday with children

Are you ready to go and deciding when is the best time of year for you? Then read our tips when planning your family ski holiday.


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